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Rep. Wasserman Schultz: ‘Trump Has Treated the Constitution … Like Nothing More than Toilet Paper’

‘He has engaged in unprecedented obstruction of Congress’
By Grabien Staff


WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: "Well, first of all, Katy, thanks for having me on. I really think what this boils down to is we are here because the President of the United States has treated the Constitution like toilet paper, like nothing more than toilet paper. He has engaged in an unprecedented abuse of power. He engaged in a protracted shakedown scheme to try to coerce a foreign country into investigating his political rival to benefit his own campaign. He has engaged in unprecedented obstruction of Congress. There’s no president in history that has refused categorically to turn documents over to the United States Congress, to provide witnesses to give testimony. He has violated his oath of office, violated the Constitution, and needs and must be held accountable as a result. No one is above the law.” 

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