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Rep. Waters on Reddit: ‘We’re Going to Find out’ Who Is on WallStreetBets

‘We’re going to dig into it’


RUHLE: "What about free resources? Should people be able to use anonymous chat rooms to pump up a stock, to tell a story, and not have to hold any accountability, on the other side banks are highly regulated but something like Reddit isn’t, we don’t even know who those people are."
WATERS: "No, we don’t and that’s what we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out. You know, we hear a lot about how it works and what the different forms are that operate, WallStreetBets is the form that we are going to be focused on. This is where, I understand, a lot of exchange of information goes on all the time, but we’re going to ask the questions and we’re going to dig into it and we're going to find out exactly what was done and how it was done."

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