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RFK Jr.’s Super Bowl Presidential Campaign Ad

By Grabien Staff


🎵🎵Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Ken-nedy for me! 🎵🎵
🎵🎵Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy 🎵🎵
🎵🎵 Do you want a man for president who’s seasoned through and through? 🎵🎵
🎵🎵 A man who’s old enough to know 🎵🎵
🎵🎵 And young enough to do? 🎵🎵
🎵🎵 Well, it’s up to you 🎵🎵
🎵🎵 It’s up to you 🎵🎵
🎵🎵It’s strictly up to you 🎵🎵
🎵🎵Hey! Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy 🎵🎵

NARRATOR: “American Values 2024 is responsible for the content of this advertisement.”

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