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Richard Herman on Epstein: ‘I Do Not Believe One Second that This Was a Suicide’

‘There’s so many very powerful, powerful people who would benefit by this’
By Grabien Staff

WHITFIELD: "If I can add now, Epstein’s attorney, you know, has released his personal statement as a result of this death. Also calling for a full investigation into Epstein’s death and is now placing blame for the death on several parties, including over zealous I’m quoting now. Pandering politicians, complaint judges and hysterical press corp."
FRIEDMAN: "If you’re representing him, you make that kind of statement. But the fact is, it’s bureau of prisons, each federal agency has an inspector general. That’s the way that works. It will be the inspector general working with the FBI to find out how this can happen. It’s not suspicious to think so many people will be implicated —"
WHITFIELD: "There were allegations of a lot of prominent names —"
FRIEDMAN: "Exactly right."
WHITFIELD: "— Knowing or been complicit in the trafficking of these young ladies."
FRIEDMAN: "Exactly right."
HERMAN: "I know his attorney, he’s a wonderful lawyer. He’s not going to sit down on this one, Fred. Listen, to be intelligent and discuss this, who was too benefit by Epstein dying? There’s so many very powerful, powerful people who would benefit by this. Someone got to his co. I do not believe one second that this was a suicide, Fred. They have to look into this."
FRIEDMAN: "Oh, my gosh."

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