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Richard Painter on Trump Criticizing the Media: ‘That’s the Way Hitler Talked in Germany’

‘He must be impeached’


REID: "So if you have, Richard Painter, Donald Trump essentially committing open emoluments clause violations, this would be foreign governments paying the president and his family directly for leasing his hotel in the G7, not using camp David. He has this wall thing he wants to build, currying directly to make sure it goes to an ally. The particular senator of North Dakota wants his friendly firm to get the wall product, so now Donald Trump wants him to get that. Any one of these things would seem to be an impeachable offense. Trump is doing them all, Richard."
PAINTER: "It is, and he is going to keep doing this until he’s impeached. The house of representatives needs to have the courage to impeach him. There is a formal impeachment inquiry, or so the house judiciary says, but we need to have a trial in the Senate, and even if the Republicans in the Senate want to give him a pass, there will be a trial in the Senate in front of the American people. The American people will see the evidence, the evidence of corruption, of racism, of violations to the Constitution, a tax on the free press. He calls the newspapers and the media the enemy of the people. That’s the way hitler talked in Germany in the 1930s and ‘40s. He must be impeached. There must be a trial in the Senate. The American people will see the evidence and he will be out of there."

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