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Rick Wilson on San Diego Synagogue: ‘It Happens in Part Because of the Climate at the Top’

‘These guys are citronella ISIS’


LEMON: “Go ahead.”
WILSON: “This is one of those examples where as much as I’m known as being a smartass about Donald Trump, I’m just really sad, because this is a man who cannot hear the better angels. He cannot hear that steering voice that people get sometimes when they say I have to change the way I’ve acted and behaved and that’s led the country into this incredible stew of racial tension and animus that guys like this 19-year-old idiot go online and go on 8chan and they become indoctrinated. These guys are citronella ISIS. They’re out there, the same kind of radicalization is happening. It happens in part because there’s a climate set at the top of unbelievable, constant lies and hostility and division in this country, not only as policy, but with his affect. And like I said, it’s tempting for me to make some smart remark about the president. But there is no better version of Donald Trump. We cannot hope for a better version of this man from what we’ve seen so far. He read words off a prompter tonight that Kellyanne Conway wrote. Those weren’t Donald Trump’s I can hear a speechwriter when Donald Trump is talking.”

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