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Rick Wilson Says Trump ‘Eager as a Schoolgirl’ to Hang with Putin and Destroy NATO

‘This is a moment of disaster already for our European allies’
By Grabien Staff


LEMON: “Hey, Rick, why were you shaking your head when Susan was doing the framing of how the president is playing this?”
WILSON: “She’s absolutely right. I mean, this is a moment of disaster already for our European allies, and for our NATO allies, and Susan hit it on the head. He’s talking about, he’s eager as a school girl to have this meeting with Vladimir Putin, and he’s throwing all kinds of shade and hating on our NATO allies, folks that have stood with us for 70 years, and — and you know, he’s resisting the entreaties of both, the allies and his own staff, to please issue a statement about Article V, which is the provision on the NATO treaty that says an attack on one is an attack on all. You know the last time Article V was involved was at 9/11 NATO allies were calling us within hours, and the rubble was still smoking when they were volunteering to help us. And you know, Donald Trump is signaling unless he gets his cut of the wig on this thing, he’s going to walk away from this alliance. And I think this is a moment of incredible, you know, political and global tragedy if we let this slip away. And it feels like Donald Trump doesn’t want to let it slip, but he wants to throw it out the window.”

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