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Robby Mook: I Don’t Think the Russia Investigation Is a Winning Message for 2018

‘I think Democrats need to run on what everybody always needs to run on, which is what are you doing for the voters’
By Grabien Staff


HARLOW: "Now they just have to sell tax reform to the American people because most of the American people don’t love this bill. Robby, Democrats, I mean, you’re a master at running campaigns. What do Democrats need to run on? Can they run in the midterms on Russia, Russia, Russia, anti-Trump, anti-Trump, or do they need more to really win?"
MOOK: "Well, I think Debbie characterized this very well. I don’t think the Russia investigation is a winning message. Voters are — they watch and they look to see what your priorities seem to be, what you’re spending your time on and what your focus is."

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