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Robin Simcox: CNN’s Claim that Barcelona Is a Copycat of Charlottesville Is Not Credible

‘Since 2014, 150 plots now ... this is a very, very severe threat’
By Grabien Staff


CARLSON: "Robinson cox from the heritage Foundation, an expert on terrorism. Robin, thank you a lot for coming on tonight. So we were hearing from an anchor on CNN a minute ago, speculating that may be the Barcelona attack of today was a copycat crime based on charlottesville, because that is out there. I thought I would throw it out and get your response to that? 
SIMCOX: "I find that hard to believe, jihadi has been carrying out these attacks before charlottesville. This year alone you see the truck attack in Stockholm, London, before that you see nice, Berlin. I do not finance credible." 
CARLSON: "Yes, it sounded ludicrous. I’m glad to have it confirmed. So why cars, is there some reason beyond the obvious, they are ubiquitous, not regulated, some symbolic reasons that we are seeing them used in terror attacks?" 
SIMCOX: "I think that the reason we are seeing this, looking at some of the numbers. It is cars, trucks, vans easy to acquire, does not raise many red flags. But if you look at the amount of people that are killed in these attacks, it is very, very high. Way more than a few just use a knife. And also European security agencies find it impossible to stop these attacks are hard. Not a recorded case where the European agency has been able to thwart somebody using a vehicle in this way." 
CARLSON: "So for those who have been totally captured by things going on in our country, give us the overview. How many ISIS inspired attacks in Europe over the last year or so have there been?" 
SIMCOX: "Since 2014, 150 plots now. This is a very, very severe threat. It is not just a threat in France or the U.K. Or Germany, Spain. It does across Europe. I think it is time for the governments to get serious. The need more terrorism funding. We need deportation of national security threats. What we do not need is more vigils, people sitting around singing “Imagine” to each other. We need to get serious about the threats." 

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