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Rubio Slams Sanders for Not Denouncing Maduro: He Has a ‘History’ Supporting These Regimes

The Florida also senator said there’s no meaningful difference between socialism and Democratic Socialism


RUBIO: “Thank you guys. So which means if he recognizes that then you should recognize Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of the country as fifty four countries already have.”

BALLASY: “Are you surprised that he hasn’t actually come out and backed to him?”

RUBIO: “I can’t say that I am, I mean if you look at history on some of these issues. He’s certainly have been friendly towards governments that pursues socialist policies but what’s going on in Venezuela goes well beyond. Socialism overlaid with graft and corruption of an extraordinary level. Socialism always fails but when you add corruption on top of that it becomes catastrophic.”

BALLASY: “You Democrats saying you can’t compare the Democratic socialism platform to what’s happening in Venezuela. They’re different.”

RUBIO: “Well I would like to use and things like that are but ultimately the door socialism falls apart is ... as stature once said you run out of other people’s money and that’s what happened in Venezuela. They took the wealth of the country. The export credit at it all. They spent it on ventures abroad and programs at home and once they ran out of money, it was total collapse.”

(Via Nicholas Ballasy)

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