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Rudy Giuliani Defends Trump’s COVID-19 Response By Recalling 9/11: ‘If You’re a Leader, You Take Things on You’

‘The president did a terrific job’
By Grabien Staff


GIULIANI: “Absolutely right. In fact, I never told people everything about September 11th. I didn’t tell them how many people, that neither was as to many people died, I said it’s too much for you to bear right now. I never told him what was going on at ground zero, how terrible it was what we are really recovering. I didn’t tell them that New York City was in danger of being flooded for three weeks for it if we didn’t get that fixed and if we had hurricane, we had an evacuation order ready, but I wasn’t going to frighten them with that great if your leader, you take things on you commit you don’t just bid everything out to people. The president did a terrific job . Let’s go back to the middle of March and April when the Governor Cuomo said the cooperation with the federal government has been terrific. I wrote an op-ed article Zane I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but the federal cooperation has been 100 percent . Governor Murphy couldn’t get more. He couldn’t expect more from President Trump. That is before they were all forced to become political hitmen when they were telling the truth, President Trump had about as good of a response is in the president could possibly have under those circumstances and a lot better than Biden own Obama or better than they had to Benghazi when Obama slept all night while his people were being killed.”

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