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Rudy: Hunter’s Lawyer Called Computer Merchant ‘Can I Have My Client’s Hard-Drive Back’

‘The source of the email is a merchant’
By Grabien Staff


GIULIANI: “I gave them to the New York Post and they held them for a week and authenticated them. I mean, I don't think The New York Post would publish them without being absolutely certain they are authentic. Finally, they don't even dispute that they are authentic, and I'll give you the best one of all. The big mouth lawyer made a very big mistake. Before this was even out, when it was just they were called about it, first thing he does is call that merchant and he says can I have my client's hard drive back? He's basically admitting for his client, as he’s the client's agent, that's Hunter Biden's hard drive. And if you would like to send a representative of your show to my office, I'll have you take a look at it, you tell me if it isn't authentic. It's authentic as hell. Some of those pictures on it can only have come from him, and I'll tell you why I know it for sure. I have about 10 pieces of confidential information nobody knows except me and Hunter Biden.”

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