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Rudy to MacCallum: Do You Think the Russians Gave Me the Hard Drive?

‘This isn’t from Russia!’
By Grabien Staff


MacCALLUM: “So prove everybody right now that this text message is legit. Can you?"
GIULIANI: "Yes, I can. I mean, I can’t right now, I don't have the hard drive with me, but it comes right off the hard drive. 'The New York Post' has possession of it, they just elected not to publish it. It's right in the hard drive, those two messages above — I don't know if you have the two messages above that —"
McCALLUM: "We do, we have it on the screen right now."
GIULIANI: "— and his daughter’s name. I mean, look, the hard drive will eventually be out . If it’s not there, put me in jail, okay? I’m telling you, it’s on the hard drive. That’s where I took it from."
MacCALLUM: "And how do you know the hard drive definitely belongs to —"
GIULIANI: "You think a Russian gave it to me?"
MacCALLUM: "I am asking you because there are all these questions that I know you are aware off, so I'm giving you a chance to —"
GIULIANI: "They've been feeding us this garbage for years. This isn’t from Russia!”

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