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Rudy on Trump-Mueller Meeting: We’d Agree Today Under FBI’s Terms for Hillary Meeting

‘We’ll take that now!’
By Grabien Staff


PIRRO: "Did you misspeak? Or did people not interpret what you were saying. Were you talking about the facts or the law"

GIUILIANI: "I'm talking about the law and the conclusion. The facts I'm still learning. This is 1.2 million documents. I have been in the case for two weeks. Virtually one day in comparison to other people. So I'm not an expert on the facts yet. I'm getting there. I am an expert on the law. And particularly on campaign finance. I've lived under it running for president. And the fact is there is no way there is a campaign finance violation in any way. Nor was it a loan it was an expenditure. This expenditure would have been made whether he was or wasn't running for president. And we can show that from the history of these two gentlemen. And Mr. Cohen has probably been the worst treated, and Mr. Manafort in this case. The raids on their house -- Comey got really offended when I said it was 'Stormtrooper tactics.' I think the judge basically said that, maybe a little more eloquently than I did. But then I'm a litigator and I'm fighting for my client."

PIRRO: "When we talk about what happened. 'Stormtroopers' going into someone's house at 5:00 in the morning. Or pulling a phone out of his hand as they did with Michael Cohen. When you just a pose that against the investigation of Hillary Clinton where she was given a warning." 

GIULIANI: "--Nice, nice, nice, nice. Poor little Hillary, we have to be nice to her. No under oath. We'll take that now! No Q and a. Just notes. FBI 302s. And how about the report written by that phony Jim Comey before he even interviews her? What the hell was the interview for, judge? "

PIRRO: "I ran a prosecutors office, you ran a prosecutor's office. You are renowned for what you did in the Southern District of New York."

GIULIANI: "Yeah and I hired that clown."

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