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Sales: The Message Iran Was Getting, Is that They Can Still Push the Biden Admin Around

‘As we speak right now, the Iranian regime is plotting to kill American former officials right here on our own soil’
By Grabien Staff

SALES: "Doesn’t look like Iran got  the message or to put it  differently, the message Iran  was getting, can still push the  Biden Administration around,  Iran’s terrorist proxy groups  were back to their tricks,  launching attack drones in  Syria.  they didn’t kill any American  soldiers this time but they did  kill our kurdish partners on  the ground so clearly shock and  the Biden Administration try to  unleash Friday is not counted  by Iran.  there is no doubt why that’s  the case.  telegraphed the punch for a  week, took strikes against Iran  off the table.  that’s a restraint that Iran  itself does not observe.  as we speak right now the irani  and regime is plotting to kill  American officials on our own  soil.  they are clearly prepared to be  aggressive.  the White House pulls its  punches and until we impose  meaningful costs they will keep  doing it."

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