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Sally Yates Doesn’t Deny Obama Admin Embedded ‘Spies’ in Trump Campaign

Camerota: ‘Why doesn’t she just say, no, that’s an outright lie?
By Grabien Staff


AXELROD: “How do you react to that, the implication that spies were sent in at the direction of the Obama Administration?”
YATES: “Yeah, well, you’re right. It’s under investigation now and I think I have to leave it to this Department of Justice and F.B.I. to make decisions about what information they’re going to publicly release so I can’t really comment on that specific situation.”
AXELROD: "Not on the specifics, but what about the general sense that this was a politically inspired investigation?”
YATES: “Again, I’m not going to speak to this specific one, but I will say this. Look, I was with DoJ for 27 years. I can tell you that the men and women of the department of justice take the responsibility very seriously. Investigations there are done based on the facts and the law and not based on politics. And I’m confident that that will be the result of this investigation as well.”

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