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San Diego’s KUSI Reports CNN Wanted to Speak with Their Reporters About Border, Until Learning They Support the Wall

‘The issue we face is migrants’
By Grabien Staff

REPORTER: "As a sign of the time on this debate on the shutdown, CNN asked if KUSI would provide a reporter to offer our local view of the debate, especially to learn if the wall works in San Diego."
REPORTER 2: "KUSI offered our own Dan Plante who has reported many times that the wall is not an issue here. In fact, most officials believe it is effective. The issue we face is the migrants and the debate over their treatment."
REPORTER: "Knowing this, CNN declined to have us on their programs which often present the wall as not required in other places like the stretch of the Texas border the President visited earlier today. They didn't like what they heard from us."     
REPORTER 2: "Just some background for you."

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