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Sanders: Infrastructure Deal Didn’t Include Affordable Housing, Home Care for Aged, Child Care, and Climate Change

‘When we transform our energy system, we’ll create more good-paying jobs’
By Grabien Staff


SANDERS: “But what is most important, Anderson, is what is not in that bill, which is why the President said he would not sign that bill unless we move forward with another major piece of legislation under what we call reconciliation, and that is to finally address the long-standing crises facing working families in this country. I think everybody knows people on top are doing phenomenally well, corporate pockets are soaring, but for the average worker, things are pretty rough. So what we have got to do is now invest in making sure that we have affordable housing in this country, that we have home health care for an aging population, that we’re able to expand Medicare so that we finally can cover dental care and hearing aids and eyeglasses, that we deal with the crisis in childcare where so many families, working families cannot afford childcare, and that in addition to all of that, it’s absolutely imperative that we deal with the — I would say existential threat to this planet of climate change. And when we do all that, when we invest in health care and an education, making higher education affordable, when we invest in transforming our energy system, we’ll create millions more good-paying jobs. So that’s what the President wants, that’s what I want, and I think that’s what we’ll see."

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