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Sanders Youth Volunteer in Hanover, N.H.: ‘Our Planet Is Going to Die’

‘As someone who grew up in a time where everything seems hopeless ...’


VOTER: “I’m a freshman here at Dartmouth from Kansas City. My journey to supporting Bernie was not anything conscious. I grew up in a mostly white and privileged suburb in Canada with immigrant parents not overly concerned with Politics. My decision to support Senator Sanders was a journey, a slow burn over my four years in high school and I solidified my values system first, and then realized the only person who had embodied those values in their entire life as a public servant was Bernie Sanders. The issue that has struck me the most is climate change. It will criticize my generation a lot for being overly cynical or complaining too much but what were we supposed to do and we’re looking at the future when our planet is going to die and the people in our government who are supposedly in charge of looking after our future, and my future, do not seem to care at all. As someone who grew up in a time where everything seems hopeless, I look at Senator Sanders and what is movement represents, and, for the first time, I feel hope. The most sweeping climate change plan presented by any candidate, a consistent message about health care for everyone, and insistence on eliminating social and glass structure — class structure. For me and I’m sure for many people as well, it means so much to see a politician finally trying and finally caring about the terrifying future we face for the actions of the generation before us. I believe in the strength of this movement I believe in its intentions didn’t sit — someone truly wants to help the millions of people struggling to make it in a broken — broken system.”

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