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Scaramucci: ‘150 Years Ago, People Would Have Been Hung for Leaks Like This ... They’re Treasonous’

‘I can tell you two fish that don’t stink; that’s me and the president’
By Grabien Staff


SCARAMUCCI: “Yeah, I want to -- I want to reset at zero, but I also want you to know I just spent about 15 minutes on the phone talking with the president of the United States who has given me his full support and his full blessing, and I’m going to read you something, Chris and you bear with me. And the president also told me, if you’re nice to me in this segment, he’ll let me come back in the show. Is that cool? So why don’t you let me talk a little bit and then you can ask me questions. But this is super, super important to the country. Now, whether you agree with the president or disagree with the president, you have to love the institution of the presidency. You have to love the office and you have to love our country. And what is going on right now, I’ve done a major amount of work over the last five days; I’ve interviewed most of the assistants to the president, I’ve interviewed most of the people in the communications team and the White House and what the president and I would like to tell everybody, we have a very, very good idea of who the leakers are, who the senior leakers are in the White House. We’ll get to that in a second. What I also want to say is that we are working together, the president and myself and other members of his team and law enforcement to undercut and undercover — or out of you will the leakers in the entire country. As the president would say in his own words the White House leakers are small potatoes. I’ll tell you about a few leaks that happened last night that I find reprehensible, but the White House leaks are small potatoes relative with things going on about leaking things about Syria or North Korea or leaking things about Iraq. Those are the types of leaks that are so treasonous that 150 years ago people would have been hung for those types of leaks. So the president bought me in." 

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