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Scarborough Calls McConnell ‘Moscow Mitch’ 10 Times During One Comment

‘Even some people in the rural areas starting to call him Moscow Mitch’


SCARBOROUGH: “Mike Barnicle, you know who else it’s about, and we’ve talked about it, the guy that a lot of people in Kentucky certainly around Lexington and Louisville call Moscow Mitch, even some people in the rural areas starting to call him Moscow Mitch because they don’t understand why he continues to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding and not -- not listen to Trump’s FBI director, not listen to Trump’s CIA director, not listen to Trump's NDI, not listen to any military people that keep warning Moscow Mitch to put up these safeguards to protect American democracy, which all of Trump’s intel people say this is the greatest threat to American democracy, but Moscow Mitch keeps ignoring it. But Moscow Mitch is at 18 percent, Mike, 18 percent. Everybody this morning is talking about what a bad approval rating Bevin had. I think Bevin was at like 34 percent. So, Moscow Mitch, my gosh, almost half as bad as Bevin’s, and I just wonder — we keep talking about we have to worry about Susan Collins that race in Maine, got to worry about the race in Colorado, Republicans got to worry about the race in North Carolina. I’m sorry, I think -- I think again, and I’m only saying what they call him in Kentucky, I think you got to put Moscow Mitch now in the list of endangered candidates. You look at that map last night, you look at the fact that Democrats turned Kentucky blue. You’ve got a guy who has a lower approval rating than any other senator in America in his home state, and this same guy, I think people around the bluegrass state where my mom and dad went to school and where my dad was from, to calling him Moscow Mitch now, that can’t be good for Moscow Mitch going into next fall.”

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