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Scarborough Calls Nunes a Dumbass: ‘Dumb Asses Like That’ Should Be ‘Ashamed’

‘They’re a disgrace to this country’
By Grabien Staff

SCARBOROUGH: "Again, I don’t know about Devin Nunes, all right?"
BARNICLE: "Skip him."
SCARBOROUGH: "But everybody else knows about him. Like, anybody that has ever met people, judges who are on the FISA Court know, these are the best and the brightest. They are also pretty tough men and women. They take their jobs extraordinarily seriously. And dumbasses like that that are accusing FISA judges of being part of a conspiracy, a political conspiracy, should be ashamed of themselves. They’re a disgrace to this country. And this is once again — and Donald Trump’s done it all along — this is once again an attack on the federal judiciary. It’s that simple."

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