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Scarborough Credits Obama for Strong Economy: ‘This Is Not an Economy Donald Trump Gave Us’

‘This is not an economy that Donald Trump gave us’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: “And you just have to say it. Things are going well out there. This isn’t the greatest economy ever. This isn’t close to being the greatest economy ever. Barack Obama had more people getting jobs his last 16 or 18 months than they had jobs during Donald Trump’s first 16 or 18 months. Again not to say the economy is not doing well. It is. But all of these claims -- and I’m not even talking to Trump supporters, I’m talking to news reporters who I cannot believe actually will ask a question by saying, well you know, yes, the economy is doing better than it’s before done before. Not true."
SCARBOROUGH: "We’re in pretty an extraordinary six, seven year recovery right now, and that’s a recovery we can all be grateful for. And, you know what? That’s something we Republicans, now a conservative, we conservatives have always given credit where credit is due, and that’s the small business owners to people working hard. Unfortunately, this economy taking two or three jobs. But, yeah, it’s a strong economy. But Mika, this is not an economy that Donald Trump gave us. This is an economy that’s part of the seven year on going recovery."

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