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Scarborough Defends Giuliani in the Face of the FBI Leaking News of Their Probes

‘I’m horrified by his activities, but they may not be criminal’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: “It is un-American and we’re saying this -- I am saying this about people with whom I disagree on politics greatly. And again, I’m warning you, if you are a progressive that may cheer on Rudy Giuliani getting in the newspaper, I promise you, this is un-American. It has continued. The pace of it has gone up. And when they turn on people that you support or a member of your family, you’ll understand just how dangerous and how un-American this is. Prosecutors trying cases in the court of public opinion. It needs to stop. And I hope Merrick Garland will really crack down on -- on this friend that has been going on for decades.”

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