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Supercut: Scarborough Pumped About Nickname He’s Thought Up

‘What else am I supposed to call him, Cocaine Mitch?’

BRZEZINSKI: "Take your pick, Joe, of top stories this morning."
SCARBOROUGH: "I want to hear about Moscow Mitch. (...) The warnings came, but Moscow Mitch — that being Mitch McConnell of Moscow, Kentucky. (...) Willie, Moscow Mitch blocks two bills that would actually protect us from a Russian invasion in this area. (...) But I want to talk about Moscow Mitch. (...) Moscow Mitch says it's a hoax. (...) Moscow Mitch. (...) Moscow Mitch said... (...) Moscow Mitch. (...) Donny, Moscow Mitch says it's a hoax."
DEUTSCH: "I love that you're calling him Moscow Mitch, because frankly it's a continuation of —"
SCARBOROUGH: "What am I supposed to call him? Cocaine Mitch? You know, people call him Cocaine Mitch. Maybe — I don't know, maybe he's — I mean, he's only Cocaine Mitch if he's running cocaine to Moscow because he's Moscow Mitch. (...) All Republicans are all saying Russia is subverting American democracy and Moscow Mitch won't even let the Senate take a vote on it. That is un-American!"      

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