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Scarborough on Trump Giving Barr Power To Declassify Intel: This Is What an Autocrat Does

‘When [Trump] was told that could lead to his death and lead to other FBI agents’ deaths and executions, said, yeah, and just kept going’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: "Donald is obviously melting down. It must be those court rulings, the federal court rulings that are requiring that they turn over the documents to the house. But there's no doubt he’s every bit as unhinged as he was during the heat of the Mueller investigation. Nick Confessore, you know, we’ve been talking about how this guy is an autocrat in training. We yesterday had Donald Trump talking about charging a former FBI director with treason, and when told that could lead to his death and lead to these other FBI agents’ death, executions, said, 'Yeah,' and he just kept going. Even after the elections are over, he goes back and tries to punish those that he considers to be his political enemies. And if Donald Trump had his way, you just heard him, they’d be executed."

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