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Scarborough: Under Pres. Biden, Chaos in Afghanistan, Crime in Our Streets, and Crisis at the Border

‘Democrats have to understand this is coming, and I don’t know where mission control is on the democratic side’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: "Let’s talk about the mess right now that I think the Democrats are facing. And it’s so early, I mean, we have a year and a half until the election, but if Democrats want to know what they’re going to be facing, let’s talk about it right now. Because if I were a Republican running, I would say, 'Democrats can’t protect us across the world. Democrats can’t protect our street. And Democrats can’t protect us at the border.' There is — we don’t talk about it enough — there is a massive border crisis on the southern border right now, and if Democrats don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine, it will find them over the next 16 months politically. And then there’s this chaos in Afghanistan. And we've talked about crime, which, of course, I had people telling me for a year, 'Oh, it’s just an exaggeration. Law and order, racist, bigoted, whatever.' Eric Adams runs on protecting streets and police reform, he wins the Bronx, he wins Queens, he wins Staten Island, and he wins Brooklyn. He wins everything except for the sort of wealthier parts of Manhattan. Democrats have to understand this is coming. And I don’t know where mission control is on the Democratic side, but somebody, Donny, needs to get that and they need to start responding."

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