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Scarborough: ‘What Does Vladimir Putin Have on Donald Trump?’

‘If you looked at all of this from a distance, you might even think that Vladimir Putin and the Russians have something on Donald Trump’
By Grabien Staff


SCARBOROUGH: "This goes back to December 2015. We’re interviewing Donald Trump on the air, and it is the first time that Donald Trump compares Vladimir Putin favorably to Barack Obama; says he’s a strong leader, Barack Obama is a weak leader. We say too. But what about the assassinations? There’s all the assassinations of journalists? Well, we kill a lot of people here too."
BRZEZINSKI: "That was incredible."
SCARBOROUGH: "And -- and it was as if he was scared to say anything negative about Vladimir Putin. Then after he was president of the United States Bill O’Reilly basically went down the same line of questioning a year later. And he once again said, well, yes, Vladimir Putin has killed a lot of, but our soldiers in Iraq killed a lot of people too. Again, comparing Vladimir Putin assassinating journalists with U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq?"
HALPERIN: "Thoughtful Republicans, who want to beat him in a nomination fight in 2020 and thoughtful Democrats who want to run for president can look at the events of the past weekend and see a lot of room to run against Donald Trump just on foreign policy." 
BRZEZINSKI: "Thoughtful Republicans. They might want to save their party." 
SCARBOROUGH: "What does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump?"  

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