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Schiff: If We Don’t Get Trump’s Financial Records ‘the Country Continues To Be at Jeopardy’

‘The difficulty is that Bill Barr and Donald Trump will do everything they can to delay’

SCHIFF: “We are very confident we can meet these new tests that the Supreme Court enumerated, this four-part test. And, so, we will prevail, but again if we get the records and they show, in fact, that the president is beholden, does have financial entanglements that might explain, you know, for example, this bizarre affinity for Vladimir Putin and Russia or his interest in Turkey’s Erdogan or Saudi Arabia or other financial interests that are guiding and warping U.S. policy, if we don’t get that for months until — you know, from months from now, it means the country continues to be at jeopardy during that delay.”

(h/t Breitbart)

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