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Schiff: Trump’s Using Migrant Tears as ‘Mortar’ To Build His Wall

By Grabien Staff

CHUCK TODD: I want to talk about the migrant crisis very quickly. There’s going to potentially be this compromise piece of immigration legislation, Paul Ryan, that would include that some opportunities for citizenship, more protections for DACA folks. Look, not clear it would even have the support of some on the right because they call it amnesty. Is that a bill you could support, this moderate compromise that’s coming up? Especially if it guaranteed that children weren’t going to be separated from asylum seekers?

ADAM SCHIFF: It’s a moving target right now. What I’ve seen I think is problematic. But, look, what the administration is doing is they’re using the grief, the tears, the pain of these kids as mortar to build their wall. And it’s an effort to extort a bill to their liking in the Congress. It’s, I think, deeply unethical. And by the president’s — making these provable falsehoods about what’s required, the party adopting that has become - the GOP has become the party of lies. And it’s such, I think, a sad degeneration—

CHUCK TODD: Are you painting the—

ADAM SCHIFF: —of the party.

CHUCK TODD: —entire Republican Party with this?

ADAM SCHIFF: I’m saying that Republican members of Congress — Republican members of Congress who will not call out the president for demonstrable falsehoods on a daily basis and, and often trumpet them—

CHUCK TODD: Mark Sanford did.

ADAM SCHIFF: —become the party of lies.

CHUCK TODD: He’s going to be on here, later. Mark Sanford did and he lost.

ADAM SCHIFF: Well, this is the problem because the GOP in Congress has become craven enough that they will do anything to maintain the majority. Even be complicit with a president who ignores and tears down the rule of law, who repeats falsehood after falsehood. They cannot maintain their integrity as a party if they follow this president.

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