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Secretary Blinken Can’t Name Any ‘Real Pressure’ Biden Will Apply on China for COVID Obstruction

‘China presumably has an interest in this as well’
By Grabien Staff


ALLEN: "So, what's the real pressure the U.S. will put on China for access to the lab?"
BLINKEN: "If China denies the information, denies the access, denies the transparency that’s needed --"
ALLEN: "And you --" [crosstalk]
BLINKEN: "Well, let's see. Mike, at the end of the day, it is profoundly and China’s interest to do this as well. Because look it’s suffered to in the -- in the outbreak of this pandemic. It -- it -- it presumably has an interest as well, especially if it purports to be a responsible international actor, to do everything it can to provide all the information it has to make sure we can hopefully prevent this from happening again."

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