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Sen. Blackburn on Taliban Meeting: Trump Isn’t Afraid to Walk Away from a Bad Deal

‘If it’s a bad deal, we will call it a bad deal’
By Grabien Staff


BLACKBURN: “The Afghan government insane delavan you have to separate from al Qaeda and drying some distinctions. I think one of the things, Steve that people are realizing is Donald Trump is not afraid to walk away from a bad deal. He can define a bad deal and he is in to finding lasting peace and this was a bad deal and he showed North Korea that he would walk away in China with trade talks and has said I will walk away from that deal. The television, big Afghan government they need to realize if conditions are not met and he has always said we believe on conditions based and it will be according to our commanders in the field and if it’s a bad deal we will call it a bad deal and I will walk away.”

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