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Sen. Chris Murphy: ‘Speaker Pelosi Is Right, This Can’t Be a Real Acquittal’

‘This is going to be an enormous stain on the United States Senate, if today goes as expected’


MURPHY: "There’s also rumors that we may not even have deliberations. That we may not go behind closed doors and talk to each other about the consequences of what we’ve heard. So we'll have a trial with no witnesses, we'll have a trial with no deliberations. That isn’t a trial. And I think Speaker Pelosi is right. Then this can’t be a real acquittal. Of course, we’re going to find out what John Bolton said. The fact is, Senate Republicans can’t cover this up forever, so we’re going to find out exactly what Donald Trump said to John Bolton, we'll find out eventually the scope of this corruption. And then it’s going to be too late, because the trial will be over and we’ll be in the middle of a re-election campaign in which the president will be potentially empowered, potentially green-lighted to do more of the kind of corruption that he engaged in with Ukraine."

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