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Sen. Cruz: ‘Right Now, Jack Dorsey Is Just Behaving as Joe Biden’s Press Secretary’

‘Let me be very clear, Twitter is interfering in this election’
By Grabien Staff


CRUZ: “Let me be very clear, Twitter is interfering in this election. They are censoring the press. I don’t know if these New York post stories are -- are accurate or not, but 'The New York Post' has the fourth largest circulation of any newspaper in America and right now, Jack Dorsey is just behaving as Joe Biden’s press secretary. It is censorship, it is wrong, and what I announced today is the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Tuesday, will be voting to subpoena Jack Dorsey to come before the Judiciary Committee and testify next Friday and answer questions as to why he is interfering in this election and why he is censoring the press and trying to hide Joe Biden from any scrutiny or any allegations of corruption.”

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