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Sen. Gillibrand: Green New Deal Will Pass on ‘Bipartisan’ Basis

‘I have co-sponsors like Cory Gardner, a Republican’


GILLIBRAND: “So, the Green New Deal is three things. There are not new ideas. It is infrastructure, which is widely bipartisan, more money for mass transit, more money for electric grids, more money for rural water supplies, roads, everything. The second piece of the Green New Deal is jobs. It’s about training people to do wind, solar, geothermal, hydro-power, biofuels. And we do that in New York, we have amazing SUNY schools where 98 percent of the graduates have three or more job offers and all they teach is green energy. LEED certified  building materials. It works. And the third part of the green new deal is clean air and clear water. And I can't think of a more universal issue. When you go to upstate north they have pollution because of PFOA and PFAS. The same is true in New Hampshire. You go to a place like Iowa, they have nitrates in their water because of farming. No matter where you go -- you go to Michigan, they have horrible pollution in their water. It doesn’t matter if it’s inner city or rural area it's something that binds us. And -- and being a mother, back to the whole point of this week we’re in, it’s the thing that we all have in common. We love our children. We don’t want our children to be poisoned by the water they drink or the air that they breathe.”

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