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Sen. Harris: ‘Immediately on Day 1’ I’ll Close Border Detention Facilities

‘There is so much at stake in this election’
By Grabien Staff


HARRIS: “Let’s talk about the business model on these private detention facilities. The business model is for certain human beings to profit off the incarceration of other human beings. To profit. And let me tell you what I saw. So they would not let us in. So, then we got a ladder, climbed up the ladder and looked over the fence. But let me tell you guys what I saw. So, there were two lines of kids, girls and boys, lined up in single file, walking into barracks. They were treating these children like prisoners, as though they committed some crime. This is what is happening. And this is the United States government doing this. And immediately on day one, when elected I will end it.” (Cheering and Applause)

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