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Sen. Kennedy Rips Roberts for Abortion Ruling: ‘Flip Flopped Like a Banked Catfish’

‘The process bothers me as much as the result’


KENNEDY: “The process bothers me as much as the result. The chief justice today joined with four liberals on the court to strike down the Louisiana statute. Four years ago in a case out of Texas, same statute, same issue come the chief justice voted with the conservatives. Today he voted with the liberals. He changed his vote. He flip-flopped. He flip-flopped like a catfish. And that’s why I say the process worries me is much as a result. This is why so many people think that our federal courts, our federal judges have done nothing but politicians and robes. The chief justice famously says all the time that he is just calling balls and strikes. Well, four years ago he called a ball. Today he called the same pick, he called a strike. And I don’t know what else to say. He just changed his vote with no explanation.”

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