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Sen. Manchin: ‘A Pure, Outright Lie’ that Inflation Act Will Raise Taxes on Those Making Under $400,000

‘Totally, absolutely wrong’
By Grabien Staff


FAULKNER: "No, I am asking you a different question than you're answering. I’m saying Americans, $400,000 and below now, will be taxed. Their taxes will go up."

MANCHIN: "That's wrong. That’s a lie. That is a pure, outright lie."

FAULKNER: "So their taxes won’t go up?"

MANCHIN: "Not at all. And you know one thing? How about the people that will be saving, as far as on their Medicare, $288 billion, who were paying higher prices than they should? They didn’t even assume that in the evaluation, they didn’t talk about any of that. How about gasoline prices go down because we are producing more oil to make more gasoline?"

FAULKNER: "Well, those are going to fluctuate. Already experts are saying we could go back up before Labor Day. But I want to hit that — "

MANCHIN: "Be optimistic. Be an American, Harris. Be an American."

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