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Sen. Tim Kaine: A.G. Barr Used Pejorative Term Spying

‘That’s an explosive phrase you should know enough to use it’
By Grabien Staff

REPORTER: "Just about your reaction to A.G. Barr, do you think that Democrats may want to wait until the full report comes out before — you know,  what he said yesterday, because things could change on a dime.”  
KAINE: "We’ve got to see the report. Absolutely. I just think that his use of the pejorative term ‘spying’ when he acknowledged that ‘I don’t know whether it was right or wrong,’ that’s not what the A.G. usually says about their own law enforcement. Usually, the A.G. is a champion of law enforcement. So when he used that phrase and then he was challenged on it and he said, ‘Well, I’m not saying it was right or wrong,’ that’s an explosive phrase. You should know enough to use it. And it raised questions because he was after all the guy who is a private citizen who freelanced the opinion to DoJ trying to undercut the Mueller investigation. So it made it seem like he was really overly political... but we do need to see the report.”

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