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Sen. Van Hollen: Bill Barr ‘Lost Whatever Credibility He May Have Had’

‘That was music to president Trump’s ears’
By Grabien Staff


MITCHELL: “Does this make you believe that William Barr, for whatever his reputation in the past, has become the kind of attorney general that Donald Trump has long wanted?"
VAN HOLLEN: "Yes. I think when he used the political charge expression of spying, he lost whatever credibility he may have had. Because that was again music to president Trump’s ears. Trump immediately tweets it out. He says attaboy Attorney General Barr. If he just was referring to the surveillance that we know took place pursuant to the FISA warrant and by the way is currently being reviewed by the inspector general at DoJ, that’s one thing, but spying in itself had negative connotations and suggest that there was wrongdoing.”

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