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Sharpton: Special Counsel Hur’s ‘Political Report’ Clearly Trying ‘Impact an Election’

‘He is clearly trying to effect an election, impact an election’
By Grabien Staff


SHARPTON: “Well, I thought that when I read what Hur said, Hur is being a 21st century, or ‘24, I should say, 2024 version of James Comey. He is clearly trying to affect an election, impact an election. Because you have to ask yourself, why would he even be questioning Joe Biden about when did his son die? If somebody is coming and questioning me, thank God None of my two children are dead, but why would they ask me when my mother died? Do I remember the date? So to even ask it is suspect. Then to put it in a report that has nothing to do with that and then to go through other things, it’s clearly a political report. The good news, though, is it’s done in February, not right before an election. And I think that the American people are smarter than they think they are.”

(Via Breitbart)

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