Sharpton on Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comment: ‘This Is Racism with Steroids’
‘This is not someone who doesn’t know better’

SHARPTON: "So we now have a foreign policy based on race. One question. Who were the senators in the room? What did they say when he said these things? And why are we not talking about how we must mobilize to deal with them in 2018? Because we’re talking about policy. He can have whatever opinions he wants. But as president of the United States, to be sitting around discussing policy is a threat to all of us. Donald Trump grew up in New York, as I did. I know New York, he knows new York. New York has never been a city we did not have people from Haiti and people from other nations of color. So this is a decision he’s made. This is not someone who doesn’t know better... This is someone who’s chosen a path that is absolutely racism with steroids."