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Shawna Thomas: When Trump Lies It’s To Make You Scared But When Biden Does It He’s Saying He’s Going to Be Commander in Chief

‘I think context is super important; but it doesn’t mean we ignore Joe Biden’s gaffes’
By Grabien Staff


THOMAS: “Which is interesting. And the thing you hear from people on the campaign trail, all of our teams at Vice News hear, is all they want is somebody who can beat Donald Trump. And they don’t really care if that person is young or old, yet. Now, that may all shift, as we sort of condense the group. But that is what they’re hearing. I also think, when it comes to Joe Biden, the Uncle Joe situation, it’s interesting, because we are living in the age of Donald Trump. And that changes how we perceive and cover Joe Biden. But we have to cover it with context. Those are two different situations. When Trump lies, it’s about Google and Google changing votes and making you scared about things. When Joe Biden lies, it’s about trying to say he’s going to be commander in chief, and he understand heroism. I think context is super important. But it doesn’t mean we ignore Joe Biden’s gaffes.”

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