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Shep Smith Conducts Remarkable Interview with 95-Year-Old D-Day Veteran

‘Absolutely petrified’
By Grabien Staff


SMITH: "We’re honored to have as our guest today a decorated World War II veteran who stormed the beach on D-Day. 95-year-old John McHugh served in the Army's 1st Infantry Division. On this day in 1944, he landed at about 7:30 in the morning. He says there were about ten others in his landing craft, and as they tried to get to shore, a German shell blew up the boat behind them. Corporal McHugh was carrying a tripod for a .30-caliber machine gun. But along with the tripod goes the actual .30-caliber machine gun, and the soldier who was carrying that died. So Corporal McHugh had to crawl along that beach without any gun at all while the Nazis fired at him all day. On day two of the invasion, Corporal McHugh says that the Allies faced enormous hedge rows and they had no way of knowing if the enemy was behind them.” 

(Via TVNewser)

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