Sheriff Clarke: ‘I don’t Want to Live in a Sanctuary City’
‘I have a duty and obligation to protect people’


CLARKE: "I'm doing what the people of ill Milwaukee elected me to do. I have a duty and obligation to protect people. Not only, but law abiding citizens as well when they'revictimized by crime. That's why there's no pushback here. You know, this stuff has been polled in terms of law enforcement, local law enforcement. We don't have to do this. I think there's an ethical obligation as well, Stuart, under the law enforcement code of ethics. One of the tenets is to assist with other lawful and legal lawenforcement agencies in the pursuit of justice and that is what this is here. I don't know why it's such a big deal for some of these chief executives. You know, there was a letter last week or several weeks ago signed by about 60 sheriffs and chiefs sent to the Senate that didn't like this idea. Look. The feds can't make us enforceillegal immigration, we don't have the north unless you're under the 287 G and I've applied. A guy is an arrested for something serious, he's in the country illegally.Ice says a lawful detainer, a legal process, hold onto him until we get the deportation process started. It's not indefinite, it's a short period of time. These 60 as well as some other cities are saying we're not going to honor that. You can't make them. Then again, the feds can withhold federal funding, I'm hoping they do that. Because that's the carrot we need when people-- when I say people, law enforcement, mayors, governors, I don't want to live in a sanctuary city."