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SNL Mocks Impeachment Hearings ‘Pizzazz’ in Cold Open, Making it Out as Overwrought Soap Opera

Kate McKinnon (as Giuliani): ‘I have an insurance policy in case the president turns against me’

>> This week 13 million Americans tuned in to watch impeachment hearings. Some complained the hearings were lacking in pizazz, dull, and, to make sure people are paying attention, we now show how scanned lous these revelations really are. This is days of our impeachment the only thing that’s safe is our democracy. Starring Adam Schiff.
>> The cross examiner with a mysterious brain injury, Jim Jordan.
>> I got my sleeves rolled up. My job is yelling at a woman.
>> The former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.
>> Why did Trump come after me? I committed the ultimate sin. I was good at my job. And Jon Hamm as comedian Bill Taylor I don’t just kiss and tell. I take notes.
>> This is days of our impeachment.
>> Ambassador, your opening statement?
>> Thank you, chairman Schiff. If that is your real name.
>> It is.
>> Okay, great. I’m only here today because I was a target of a smear campaign by President Trump and Rudolph Giuliani that left me publicly humiliated and without a job.
>> Enough! Enough! This witness is clearly here because she loves attention.
>> Oh, yeah. I love the glamor and the spotlight. That’s why I spent my career in Ukraine and Somalia.

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