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Stelter Blames Conservatives for Cratering Trust in Media: ‘Amplifying Propaganda’

‘And yet Fox’s ratings are high and Fox’s stars are beloved’
By Grabien Staff


STELTER: “Whenever anyone asks me about trust in media, I try to ask what do they mean by media? Because everyone is a member of the media now. The media includes “The New York Times” and also a no-name blogger. So let me propose to you a different way to think about trust in media, reporters versus repeaters. This brand-new research by Gallow said America’s trust in the mass media is at the lowest point since 2016 and record low overall. Think about it, almost everyone trusts some form of media. Everyone trusts something. But it’s just many people trust CNN and many others trust Fox, although we’re to the really two sides of the same coin. It’s obvious when pollsters ask about the media as a whole, the results are abysmal. That is in large part due to Republican sentiment that you see on your screen here. So you see these lines diverge over time, the blue line much, much higher than the red line. Republican trust in mass media is that rock-bottom lows. And yet Fox’s ratings are high and fox’s stars are beloved. So there is trust there. But the chasm, the cannon between Democrats and Republicans is critical to understand. Democrats say they generally trust main line news sources, Republicans say they do not, the space between them is grand canyon side.”

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