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Stelter on Hunter Biden Book: ‘It’s Extraordinary ... It’s Breathtaking’

‘This book is kind of under the radar’
By Grabien Staff


STELTER: "I’ll tell you what, I’ve read a lot of memoirs, I've never read a memoir like this one before. This is Hunter Biden’s book 'Beautiful Things' that comes out on Tuesday. It is extraordinary. You know, you’ve heard about Hunter Biden over the years. You’ve heard all the tabloid coverage of Hunter Biden. You think you know his story. We know that right-wing media is obsessed with him, Fox News always targeting him. And there are real questions to ask, including about that laptop that CBS is probing, that CBS asked him about in an interview that's airing today and airing again tomorrow. But this book, this book about addiction, about how many times Hunter Biden could have died, the President’s son, it’s breathtaking.“

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