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Stelter: ‘I Can’t Express Enough How Right-Wing Media Is Burying What Is Going on at the Hearings’

‘You have senators, lawmakers, on the Republican side saying they’re not watching and they are proud to say they’re not watching’
By Grabien Staff


STELTER: “Right now they hate the hearings story. They absolutely hate the hearings story and will do anything not to talk about it. OAN, for example, goes and interviews lawyers of accused rioters who were in jail instead of talking about the hearing. Tucker Carlson obsesses over Stephen Colbert's crew being detained at the Capitol, claim that's an insurrection, in order to mock the real insurrection. I can't express enough how right-wing media is burying what is going on at these hearings, pretending it's not happening. And that affects politicians as well.”

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