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Stephen Miller Explains the Absurdity of Activist Judges’ Nationwide Injunctions

‘The situation with respect to immigration in particular is uniquely dangerous’
By Grabien Staff


MILLER: “It’s a great question. I’m glad you asked it. The situation in the judiciary with respect to the issue on a junctions — injunctions, which proliferated to an unprecedented degree, is intolerable. It impedes democracy from functioning. The situation with respect to immigration in particular is uniquely dangerous because the injunctions prevent us from applying the laws that Congress enacted. This is an important point. I’ll give you a very clear-cut example. In 1996, Congress passed a law saying you could remove an alien who has entered illegally on an expedited basis if they are apprehended within two years of arrival. That’s what the statute says. A previous administration subsequent to that lot issued guidance saying we will only apply the statute within 14 days of arrival and within 100 geographic miles of the border. They took the statute that Congress passed and they will don’t — whittled it down. We said, we are going to exercise the option of using the full statutory window. Nothing more, nothing less. A judge intervened and ordered us to continue using the previous administration’s curtailment of the law instead of the actual law passed by Congress.”

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